[PATCH v2 17/19] Vlv2TbltDevicePkg/SmBiosMiscDxe: Remove unused variables By Gary Lin ·
[PATCH v2 18/19] Vlv2TbltDevicePkg/PpmPolicy: Remove the usage of global variables By Gary Lin ·
[PATCH v2 19/19] Vlv2TbltDevicePkg/PpmPolicy: Remove the unused variable By Gary Lin ·
[Patch 1/3] BaseTools: Correct ReadMe.txt file with CRLF line ending By Zhu, Yonghong ·
[PATCH v2 02/19] Vlv2TbltDevicePkg: Only define MDEPKG_NDEBUG for gcc release build 2 messages By Gary Lin ·
OVMF and passed usb 3. controller By Eugene Chekanskiy ·
[Patch] Vlv2TbltDevicePkg:Signal EndOfDxe Event. 4 messages By lushifex ·
[Patch] Vlv2TbltDevicePkg:Signal EndOfDxe Event. By lushifex ·
[PATCH v5] Platforms/ARM/Juno: Create SMBIOS/DMI data for Juno By Leif Lindholm ·
[Patch v3 00/40] MP Initialize Library 4 messages By Fan, Jeff ·
[RFC 0/2] Add EBC support for AArch64 By Leif Lindholm ·
[RFC 2/2] ArmVirtPkg: enable EBC interpreter for AArch64 QEMU By Leif Lindholm ·
[Patch v4 00/46] MP Initialize Library By Jeff Fan ·
[Patch v4 01/46] UefiCpuPkg/LocalApic.h: Remove duplicated/conflicted definitions By Jeff Fan ·
[Patch v4 02/46] UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add microcode definitions defined in IA32 SDM By Jeff Fan ·
[Patch v4 03/46] UefiCpuPkg/CpuS3DataDxe: Move StartupVector allocation to EndOfDxe() By Jeff Fan ·
[Patch v4 04/46] UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add MP Initialize library class definition By Jeff Fan ·
[Patch v4 05/46] UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add two instances PeiMpInitLib and DxeMpInitLib By Jeff Fan ·
[Patch v4 06/46] UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add AP assembly code and MP_CPU_EXCHANGE_INFO By Jeff Fan ·
[Patch v4 07/46] UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Fix typo and clean up the code By Jeff Fan ·