[PATCH v1 1/2] MdePkg/BaseCacheMaintenanceLib: Enable RISCV CMO 3 messages By Dhaval Sharma ·
[PATCH v2 14/17] BaseTools/GenFw: Add DllCharacteristicsEx field to debug data 3 messages By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH v5 2/3] MdePkg: add SBI-based SerialPortLib for RISC-V 6 messages By Andrei Warkentin ·
[Patch 0/2] Add and use FirmwareVolumeShadowPpi 5 messages By Michael D Kinney ·
[PATCH v1 2/2] OvmfPkg/RiscVVirt: Enable CMO support 2 messages By Dhaval Sharma ·
[Patch 2/2] SecurityPkg/FvReportPei: Use FirmwareVolumeShadowPpi 3 messages By Michael D Kinney ·
[PATCH v2 3/3] OvmfPkg/PlatformInitLib: simplify mtrr setup 2 messages By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v6 1/3] UsbNetworkPkg/UsbRndis: Add USB RNDIS devices support 3 messages By RichardHo [何明忠] ·
[PATCH v2 2/3] OvmfPkg/PlatformInitLib: move mmconfig to 0xe0000000 2 messages By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[edk2-libc Patch 1/1] edk2-libc: Update Maintainer.txt file 2 messages By Jayaprakash, N ·
[edk2][PATCH V1 1/1] MdePkg/IndustryStandard: add definitions for MPAM ACPI specification 2 messages By Rohit Mathew ·
[PATCH 1/1] OvmfPkg/CI: Boot OVMF in SMP mode. By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v2 1/3] OvmfPkg/PlatformInitLib: update address space layout comment 2 messages By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v2 01/17] MdePkg/ProcessorBind AARCH64: Add asm macro to emit GNU BTI note 9 messages By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[edk2-staging/Nvme-Fabrics-Boot] Introduction of new branch By Maciej Rabeda ·
[PATCH v2 00/17] Enable BTI support in memory attributes table 4 messages By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH v2] RedfishPkg/RedfishPlatformCredentialIpmiLib: IPMI implementation By Nickle Wang ·
[PATCH v2 15/17] MdePkg: Update MemoryAttributesTable to v2.10 2 messages By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH v2 11/17] ArmPkg, BaseTools AARCH64: Add BTI ELF note to .hii objects 3 messages By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH v2 1/1] OvmfPkg/RiscVVirt: Support multiple reserved memory ranges By Sunil V L ·