[PATCH 2/2] UefiCpuPkg: After reset, wake up APs by SIPI. 3 messages By Yuanhao Xie ·
[PATCH v2 00/13] BaseTools,CryptoPkg,MdePkg,OvmfPkg: Delete CLANG35,CLANG38,GCC48,GCC49, rename GCC5 to GCC, update CLANGDWARF, delete VS 2008-2013, EBC By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH v2 2/3] RedfishPkg: Redfish discover driver improvement 2 messages By Nickle Wang ·
[PATCH v2 3/3] RedfishPkg: fix config handler driver issues By Nickle Wang ·
[PATCH v2 1/3] RedfishPkg/JsonLib: address coverity issue By Nickle Wang ·
[PATCH v2 0/3] Fix variety issues in RedfishPkg By Nickle Wang ·
[PATCH v4] RedfishPkg/RedfishPlatformCredentialIpmiLib: IPMI implementation By Nickle Wang ·
[PATCH V1 1/1] OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: Skip PlatformInitEmuVariableNvStore in SEV guest By Min Xu ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH 0/2] Support Ampere Altra Max processor 2 messages By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 9/9] JadePkg: ACPI: Support ACPI tables for Ampere Altra Max By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 8/9] AmpereAltraPkg: Support get SubNUMA node region for Ampere silicons By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 7/9] Ampere: PCIe: Add support for Ampere Altra Max By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 6/9] Ampere: PCIe: Add PHY preset NVParams for Ampere Altra Max By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 5/9] AmpereAltraPkg: Update Ampere Core/Cluster profile By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 4/9] AmpereAltraPkg: Update Ampere specific platform PCIe core By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 3/9] JadePkg: PCIe: Add delay after releasing PERST By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 2/9] AmpereAltraPkg: Correct PCIe memory attribute By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 1/9] AmpereAltraPkg: Correct PCIe Devmap By Nhi Pham ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 0/9] Support Ampere Altra Max processor By Nhi Pham ·
[PATCH v2 03/13] BaseTools: Update CLANGDWARF toolchain and remove CLANG35 and CLANG38 2 messages By Rebecca Cran ·