[PATCH v1 0/6] Universal payload secure boot and measured boot

Subash Lakkimsetti

From: Subash Lakkimsetti <subash.lakkimsetti@...>

Support added in universal payload to enable secure boot and measured boot

Hob structure header for universal payload for secure boot and measure boot information from bootloaders
as per the universal payload spec defined at https://universalscalablefirmware.github.io/documentation/2_universal_payload.html

TCG2ACPI: uninstall TPM2 ACPI if updated from Bootloaders and create a new ACPI tables.

Secure boot configuration and flags are added to UefiPayloadPkg

Measured boot and TPM configurations are added for UefiPayloadPkg

Subash Lakkimsetti (6):
MdeModulePkg: universal payload HOB for secure boot info
UefiPayloadPkg: Add secureboot information HOBs
TGC2ACPI: Uninstall the TPM2 ACPI if present
UefiPayloadPkg: Add secure boot configurations
Uefipayloadpkg Enable TPM measured boot
UefiPayloadPkg: Add secure boot definitions to ci build

.../UniversalPayload/SecureBootInfoGuid.h | 37 +++
SecurityPkg/Tcg/Tcg2Acpi/Tcg2Acpi.c | 251 ++++++++++++++++++
SecurityPkg/Tcg/Tcg2Acpi/Tcg2Acpi.inf | 3 +
UefiPayloadPkg/BlSupportDxe/BlSupportDxe.c | 77 +++++-
UefiPayloadPkg/BlSupportDxe/BlSupportDxe.inf | 13 +-
UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkg.ci.yaml | 4 +
UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkg.dec | 4 +-
UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkg.dsc | 127 ++++++++-
UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkg.fdf | 29 ++
9 files changed, 534 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 MdeModulePkg/Include/UniversalPayload/SecureBootInfoGuid.h