PATCH v1 0/1 Remove deprecated Itanium data

Paweł Poławski

Due to allocation type used in HOB responsible for vCPU data allocation
EDK2 is limited to only 1024 vCPU when running with Qemu.
After some research and feedback from edk-devel mailing list it looks
like solution for this may be quie easy. Instead of changing allocation
type we can save the data by removing some deprecated things.

Itanium support has been removed from EDK2 aroun 2019.
ITANIUM_HANDOFF_STATUS data structure looks to be
some leftover from that process.

Saved space will result in increase of vCPU limit to around 8k,
without changing allocation type (64k blocks).

I checked the code and it looks like this data structure is not used
anywhere else apart of this header.

Paweł Poławski (1):
MdePkg: Remove Itanium leftover data structure

MdePkg/Include/Ppi/SecPlatformInformation.h | 44 --------------------
1 file changed, 44 deletions(-)