Sct: SetDataFunction Check fail only occur when first run after by program Bios By DediProg Tool

Wang, Terry <terry.wang2@...>

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Hi Sir,
I meet fail when do SetDataFunction Test and this only occurred on the first time after program Bios by DediProg
The Function location :
HIITest -> ConfigKeywordHandlerTest -> SetDataFunction

I check the code flow and the result as below:
The Function(BBTestSetDataFunctionTest) which is under ConfigKeywordHandlerBBTestFunction.c

1. The function call SetData with KeywordString1 and this would return NOT_FOUND (which is caused by ChipsetSATAPortDisable Not Define in Vfr)
2. Then the function would call GetData with KeywordString2
3. The value is default define in "SctPkg\TestCase\UEFI\EFI\Protocol\ConfigKeywordHandler\BlackBoxTest\Dependency\SampleDriver\Vfr.vfr"

QuestionAboutTreeHugging and the value is "1"

Debug log as below:

GetData Results: NAMESPACE=x-UEFI-ns&PATH=01041400f4274aa000df424db55239511302113d7fff0400&KEYWORD=iSCSIBootEnable&VALUE=01

RespOfKeywordString2 = L"NAMESPACE=x-UEFI-ns&PATH=01041400f4274aa000df424db55239511302113d7fff0400&KEYWORD=iSCSIBootEnable&VALUE=00"

That's going to cause this condition to fail (0 == SctStrCmp(RespOfKeywordString2, Results))

Then fail occurred .

Fail Log as below:


Please give you suggestion .

Best Regards
Terry Wang