How do you go about porting a new platform to MinPlatform?

Pedro Falcato

Hi all,

Inspired by the current possible QemuOpenBoardPkg efforts in GSoC, I'm interested in writing
something similar myself, in my spare time, possibly using the ARM or RISCV virt machine types in QEMU as a basis.
The MinPlatform spec is (or at least, looks) pretty detailed on porting platforms that are Intel/Intel-ish, but I'm having difficulty finding info that lets me implement the OpenBoardPkg myself (this difficulty is definitely amplified my by newbieness when it comes to this part of UEFI, which is why I'm trying to learn). The stage enabling checklist for each stage seems like a good guide but unfortunately, it assumes you already have a reference BoardPkg to copy.

Has anyone ported a platform to MinPlatform that could give out any tips?