TianoCore Community Meeting 20220407 APAC/NAMO

Demeter, Miki


- GSOC Need Additional Mentors more is better

- Bugzilla Status update – Devs still need to update status (ongoing issue)

- UEFI Summit switched to Virtual only

- Question to the community Concerns about additional dependencies? See Comments in Stewards Download


# Meeting Minutes:


1) **Event Updates (_5 minutes]**

- **UEFI Summit switched to Virtual only**


2) [**Stable Tag Updates (_5 minutes_)**

- Soft Freeze - 2022-

- Hard freeze - 2022-

- 2022- Release 

 -** Stable Tag 20220225 released **


3) **Stewards Download (_20 minutes_)**

-**Coverity Status**

-- No Updates

- Raised topic number of dependencies on external services (git sub-modules, tools VS, iasm, nasm, Python, pip module)

-- CI tools (spell check has a dependency on node package manager) 

-- Stewards responsible to validate whether new dependencies are appropriate.

-- Developer helper tools (don’t affect CI builds)

-- Question to the community Concerns about additional dependencies

- **Comments** – We can’t afford to maintain our own set of tools. Dependencies allow us to leverage tools we don’t have time to build



-** Bugzilla Status**

- Still Need developers to update issues - Bug Scrubs working through issues



4) **Opens (_30 minutes_)**

- Brian Johnson concerned about the way build system has become too complex need to simplify, possibly a docker image to help

-- git submodules are complex and not well liked

- Rebecka helping Andrew to get the GDB scripts rebased and checked in waiting on a few more reviews.

- Rajnish – A way to run CI/CD Locally - https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/tree/master/.pytool#running-ci-locally

- Sean Brogan – Our RFC process needs to be reworked to be better involved. – Look at they way Rust utilizes github.

- Nate Desimone – 2 students want to add Rust support to edk2 not enough skilled Mentors

- Kevin Davis & Sean Brogan – PE file python module leverage the existing library - https://pypi.org/project/pefile/

- Sean Brogan suggests a larger community discussion on Rust


**AR: Miki reach out to Felix for update on (Coverity)**

**AR: Forward info on UEFI Summit-  brian.johnson@..., Rajnish.s.chauhan@... **


Next meeting will be back on the on the first Thursday of the month.



Miki Demeter (she/her)

Security Researcher


Intel Corporation


Portland Women in Tech Best Speaker 2019