CdePkgBlog 2021-11-18

Kilian Kegel

Hi All,


as announced in my last CdePkgBlog I’d like to demonstrate how to design, create and build missing

tools for the UEFI Shell, that are still known today from the Windows command line: FIND and MORE.


Along those tools I:

  1. describe how to deal with native UEFI ASCII and UTF16 files.
  2. publish toro C Library stdin file/console handling as a part of a reference implementation
  3. publish toro C Library command-line-to-argc/argv translation as part of a reference implementation
  4. publish toro C Library concept of how to pass the OS-interface SystemTable to main() in a Standard-C-compatible sideway


Once again the tools were translated to .EFI executables using the Microsoft VisualStudio 2022 command line

without the EDK2 build process.

Please checkout my second CdePkgBlog

and enjoy the breathtaking build speed if compiler and linker are used exclusively to create FIND.EFI and MORE.EFI

Have fun,