Re: [PATCH v9 0/4] Add safe unaccepted memory behavior

Dave Hansen <dave.hansen@...>

On 1/24/23 14:42, Tom Lendacky wrote:
Fedora has near zero additional patches, so it pretty much depends on
how mainline merges stuff.  If SEV-SNP or TDX or both will land in an
upstream release before support for unaccepted memory lands too you'll
Sorry, just saw this...

SEV-SNP guest support has already landed upstream and is part of the
5.19 kernel. So without this interface, anyone using a newer OVMF with a
5.19 to whatever kernel just before unaccepted memory finally gets
pulled into, would have issues.
Also, just to reiterate: my whinging about this has been purely
TDX-specific. It's a bit of a shame that things happened in this order,
but SEV-SNP does seem to have a legitimate need here, separate from TDX.

I'll be quiet now. :)

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