Re: [RFC] Adoption of CodeQL in edk2

Ni, Ray

Multiplication result converted to larger type · Code scanning alert #66 · tianocore/edk2 (

Michael, I do not think above issue is a real issue. Will them be required to fix before enabling te CodeQL?


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I just want to reiterate.  If there are no concerns or objections raised by Oct 4, then the

CodeQL static analysis will be phased into use in the edk2 repo and there will be code

changes made to address the issues identified by COdeQL and all future code changes

after a CodeQL check is enabled will be blocked until the CodeQL CI checks pass.


This will impact all future code changes and all developers will have to learn how to

interpret CodeQL reports and fix issues.






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If there's any further feedback on this RFC, please respond by Tuesday, October 4th. We plan to start implementing the changes later in the week.


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