Re: [PATCH v4 4/6] MdeModulePkg: DxeMain accepts all memory at EBS if needed

Dionna Glaze

Can you explain a bit more why this PCD is needed?
I'll expand the comment further, but essentially we need a bit in the
firmware to persist from a call into a protocol to the eventual call
to ExitBootServices. If we needed offline persistence, then we'd need
to standardize a new bit in the OsIndications variable. We don't so we
make due with a Pcd.

I am not following the logic here 100%. As far as I can tell, if
accepting all memory succeeded without errors, ExitBootServices()
returns with EFI_SUCCESS, even though it has modified the memory map.
This means the actual memory map is out of sync with the last
GetMemoryMap() call performed by the OS loader before it called
ExitBootServices(), and so it will still contain unaccepted memory,
Ah yes you're right, I missed that part. I'll change it to return
EFI_WARN_STALE_DATA if any memory region gets accepted, and force a
failure in DxeMain if the status is an error or that warning.

-Dionna Glaze, PhD (she/her)

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