Re: Logical operator function in shell environment

Ni, Ray

I don't know whether Shell supports such capability. Can you check the Shell spec?
It's also possible that Spec supports such capability but implementation doesn't.
Then you are welcome to implement that in ShellPkg.

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Subject: [edk2-devel] Logical operator function in shell environment

Hi, Experts:
I am writing a shell script.

I have a few questions about shell script syntax.
For examples:
1. Could I save register content (which is read with mm command) to a local
Take an example:
Reading register 0x80's content with mm command, and I want to save its
content to a local variable for further processing.

Maybe, I could use command output redirection syntax, and redirect its
content to an environment variable?
2. Is there any logical operator functions could be used in shell script?
Such as : and / or functions.


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