Re: [PATCH V2 14/14] MdeModulePkg: Pool and page functions accept memory when OOM occurs

Ni, Ray

Do you mean:
Accepting 4G memory in ResetVector and accepting more memory in TD
driver through MP protocol?
The unaccepted-memory-region is described in TdHob which is passed by
QEMU. It includes the start address and size of the unaccepted-memory-
region. Accepting memories under 4G is to accept the memories which start-
address and size is under 4G. If an unaccept-memory-region is cross 4G, then
it is split into 2 parts. We accept the lower part and leave the higher part as
Then, how about you do a test boot to UEFI shell to collect the memory consumption
then only accept that amount of memory in SEC? The amount of memory might
cause SEC to accept memory above 4GB if the memory base is 3.99G already.

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