Re: [PATCH V2 14/14] MdeModulePkg: Pool and page functions accept memory when OOM occurs

Ni, Ray

On August 30, 2022 3:12 PM, Ni Ray wrote:

I saw the justification of this is to support different size of Linux kernel
But that's after TD DXE driver.
For code running before TD DXE driver, the memory needs is predicable,
That's right. The memory before loading linux kernel is predicable.
To support different size of linux kernel, there are hot discussions in
EDK2/QEMU/LinuxKernel communities. There is a summary of the discussion
in this link

I am also nervous to change in the fundamental memory allocation service
Another option is that in current stage we accept memories under 4G and so
that we can drop this patch (Pool and page functions accept memory when
OOM occurs).

What's your thoughts?
Do you mean:
Accepting 4G memory in ResetVector and accepting more memory in TD DXE driver through MP protocol?

Does that need more time in ResetVector?
If memory range to be accepted by ResetVector in a different meta data record than the memory ranges
to be accepted by TD DXE driver?


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