Re: [PATCH] RedfishPkg: RedfishDiscoverDxe: USB Redfish host interface is not supported

Chang, Abner

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Hi Igor,
Just found that you don't have the CC for maintainers and your Signed-off-by tag in the commit message.
You can refer to below link for the correct commit message format for the patch.'s-unkempt-git-guide-for-edk2-contributors-and-maintainers


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From: Igor Kulchytskyy <igork@...>
Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2022 11:25 PM
To: Chang, Abner <Abner.Chang@...>
Cc:; Igor Kulchytskyy <igork@...>;
Subject: [PATCH] RedfishPkg: RedfishDiscoverDxe: USB Redfish host
interface is not supported

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Host Interface details are discribed by the SMBIOS Type 42 table.
The table is published by the RedfishHostInterfaceDxe driver.
That driver supports PCI-E and USB host interface types.
The table is consumed by the RedfishGetHostInterfaceProtocolData function
in the RedfishDiscoverDxe driver.
That function only supports PCI-E interface.
RedfishPkg/RedfishDiscoverDxe/RedfishSmbiosHostInterface.c | 11
1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/RedfishPkg/RedfishDiscoverDxe/RedfishSmbiosHostInterface.c
index d79750b..a3b977f 100644
--- a/RedfishPkg/RedfishDiscoverDxe/RedfishSmbiosHostInterface.c
+++ b/RedfishPkg/RedfishDiscoverDxe/RedfishSmbiosHostInterface.c
@@ -65,10 +65,15 @@ RedfishGetHostInterfaceProtocolData (
RecordTmp = (UINT8 *)Record + Offset;

- // Check Device Type, only PCI/PCIe Network Interface v2 is supported
+ // Check Device Type, PCI/PCIe and USB Network Interface v2 is
- if (*RecordTmp ==
- ASSERT (SpecificDataLen == sizeof
+ if ((*RecordTmp ==
+ if (*RecordTmp ==
+ ASSERT (SpecificDataLen == sizeof
+ }
+ if (*RecordTmp ==
+ ASSERT (SpecificDataLen > sizeof
+ }
*DeviceDescriptor = (REDFISH_INTERFACE_DATA *)RecordTmp;
Offset = Offset + SpecificDataLen;
RecordTmp = (UINT8 *)Record + Offset;
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