Re: [PATCH v3 0/6] Enhance DynamicTablesPkg modules

Kun Qin

Hi DynamicTablePkg maintainers,

Do you have any further feedback on this patch series? Any input is appreciated.


On 7/30/2022 10:37 PM, Kun Qin via wrote:

This patch series is a follow-up of previous submission:

The main changes between v2 and v3 patches are:
- Added reviewed-by collected from previous iteration
- Added descriptions for newly introduced structures
- Updated functions names

Current DynamicTablesPkg provide great support for creating dynamic ACPI
tables during boot time.

However, there are some modules needs minor tweaks to expand support and
compatibility for OS requirements and platform needs.

This patch series proposes a few fixes to resolve minor issues discovered
in DynamicPlatRepoLib, AcpiSsdtPcieLibArm and DynamicTableManagerDxe.

Patch v3 branch:

Cc: Sami Mujawar <Sami.Mujawar@...>
Cc: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@...>
Cc: Pierre Gondois <pierre.gondois@...>

Kun Qin (6):
DynamicTablesPkg: DynamicPlatRepoLib: Added MemoryAllocationLib to inf
DynamicTablesPkg: DynamicPlatRepoLib: Fix incorrect dereferencing
DynamicTablesPkg: DynamicPlatRepoLib: Adding more token fixers
DynamicTablesPkg: DynamicTableManagerDxe: Added check for installed
DynamicTablesPkg: AcpiSsdtPcieLibArm: Added function to reserve ECAM
DynamicTablesPkg: AcpiSsdtPcieLibArm: Added case handling for PCI

DynamicTablesPkg/Drivers/DynamicTableManagerDxe/DynamicTableManagerDxe.c | 214 ++++++++++++--------
DynamicTablesPkg/Library/Acpi/Arm/AcpiSsdtPcieLibArm/SsdtPcieGenerator.c | 176 ++++++++++++++++
DynamicTablesPkg/Library/Common/DynamicPlatRepoLib/CmObjectTokenFixer.c | 80 +++++++-
DynamicTablesPkg/Drivers/DynamicTableManagerDxe/DynamicTableManagerDxe.inf | 4 +
DynamicTablesPkg/Library/Common/DynamicPlatRepoLib/DynamicPlatRepoLib.inf | 1 +
5 files changed, 391 insertions(+), 84 deletions(-)

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