Re: EDK2 build error:Unknown fatal error when processing []

np l <lnpabcde@...>

OK! Thanks a lot, It's great to receive your reply!
So it's just a small but serious problem😂
Sorry to bother you!
Thanks again!!!

S, Ashraf Ali <ashraf.ali.s@...> 于2022年7月31日周日 22:45写道:




                        Build the platform specified by the DSC file name

                        argument, overriding target.txt's ACTIVE_PLATFORM





                        ARCHS is one of list: IA32, X64, ARM, AARCH64, RISCV64

                        or EBC, which overrides target.txt's TARGET_ARCH

                        definition. To specify more archs, please repeat this





Ashraf Ali S

Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd. 


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Subject: Re: [edk2-devel] EDK2 build error:Unknown fatal error when processing []


You should pass in .dsc file, not .dec file for -p  option of build.




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Subject: [edk2-devel] EDK2 build error:Unknown fatal error when processing []



I got a fatal error with a command "build -p edk2\MdeModulePkg\MdeModulePkg.dec -a X64 -t VS2015x86".

(Python version is  2.7.15.Build tool is VS2015x86)

   But  UEFI\edk2\EmulatorPkg\EmulatorPkg.dec can be build successfully.

   I have update edk2 with "git pull" but the same error occured. 

   I also test it in another laptop with python  version 3.9.9 build tool VS2019,a same error occur.


What should I do?


error log as blow:




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