Running Rust Tests for UEFI now possible


Hello everyone. I have a new exciting update about the project "Implement Rust-std for UEFI". It is now possible to run Rust Testing suit for UEFI under qemu. The instructions for running the tests can be found [here]( It also contains a detailed list of everything that has been implemented for UEFI target.

The tests don't run perfectly yet. There are some that fail because they are target specific and uefi should be added to there ignore list, others fail because there are holes/problems in the current implementation and some simply timeout since the tests have to run in single-threaded mode which is too slow for the current timeout. Also, around the 8500s tests, one of the tests seem to cause infinite loop/stall which prevents further tests from running (if you try to run all the tests at once). So I would advice running tests in small numbers at a time (around 500 or so should be fine), if someone wants to try it out. Also, majority of the tests pass (I think there was around 80 tests that failed in the first 8500s or so).

Now, I will be working on getting all the tests to either pass or add them to ignore (if they don't make sense in UEFI).

Yours Sincerely

Ayush Singh

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