Re: BaseTools: Current status of BaseTools/Source/Python

Yuwei Chen

Hi Ayush,

The migration is still working in progress.
In order to ensure the normal use of users, the current bug fixes are still based on BaseTools in edk2.
After all the migrations are completed, an official notification will be sent, and the developments and bug fixing works will be transferred to the edk2-basetools repo.

Christine (Yuwei)

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Hello everyone,

I have been poking around the BaseTools to understand its implementation
since I will have to add Rust build support as a part of my GSoC project. The
`BaseTools/Source/Python` directory contains a README file that states that
the folder was supposed to be removed from the repo on 202102.

It is still present in the repo, but more importantly, it still seems to be getting
commits. Initially, I thought that maybe it was a mirror kind of situation but
the commit history does not match, so I'm not sure.

Can anyone tell me what the current status of migration is, or if it has been

Yours Sincerely,
Ayush Singh


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