Re: gcc 12, RiscV64 fence.i instruction missing

Daniel Schaefer

Hi Steffen,

No, I don't think we've tried GCC12 yet.
Hm, I don't quite understand the bug report but it sounds like something that'll be fixed by GCC?


From: <> on behalf of Oliver Steffen <osteffen@...>
Sent: Thursday, June 2, 2022 21:50
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Cc: Chang, Abner (HPS SW/FW Technologist) <abner.chang@...>
Subject: [edk2-devel] gcc 12, RiscV64 fence.i instruction missing
has anyone tied building EDK2 (e.g. MdePkg) for RiscV64 with gcc 12?
I get:

/edk2/Build/Mde/DEBUG_GCC5/RISCV64/MdePkg/Library/BaseLib/BaseLib/OUTPUT/RiscV64/FlushCache.iiii:16: Error: unrecognized opcode `fence.i'

I found this gcc bug:
Bug 104853 - [RISC-V] -march=rv64g not including extension Zifencei

I was working on getting gcc 12 into the CI.


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