Re: [PATCH v5 1/6] MdeModulePkg/PciHostBridge: io range is not mandatory

Gerd Hoffmann


To make things worse I see that if we return success there EDK2 will
actually go ahead and start assigning trash addresses to the device
and enable IO space decoding in case of the PCI root port which means
that device will try to decode invalid IO ranges.
PciBus: Resource Map for Root Bridge PciRoot(0x0)
Type =   Io16; Base = 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF; Length = 0x1000; Alignment = 0xFFF
That is wrong indeed.

I think *this* should work ...

+ } else if ((Index == TypeIo) &&
+ (RootBridge->Io.Base == MAX_UINT64) &&
+ (RootBridge->ResAllocNode[Index].Length == 0)) {
+ /* I/O is optional on PCIe */
+ DEBUG ((DEBUG_INFO, "Success (PCIe NoIO)\n"));

... i.e. return success only in case there are no allocation requests
for IO ranges.

Also note that for pcie root bridges which do support io address space
this patch changes nothing.
It seems to me like it does.
It doesn't. When io address space is present the "RootBridge->Io.Base
== MAX_UINT64" check will never be true.

But the "no io address space" case was wrong indeed.

I think to really handle it we would have to have a more involved
If we want support PCIe devices with I/O bars behind a PCIe host bridge
without I/O window, then yes. My main focus is supporting PCIe devices
without I/O bars though. This doesn't work currently because the code
considers a pcie host bridge without I/O window a hard failure even in
case there are no I/O allocation requests. For fixing that the five
lines above should be enough I think.

thanks & take care,

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