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Chao Li

Hi Liming,

For Q2, all ECC errors is come from register naming. I think what you are pointing out is not UEFI SPEC, we have the LoongArch ISA manual on GitHub where all of register naming are defined. Dose that means it is a public SPEC? If yes, what should I do to get the Azure CI ECC to pass?

Hope you reply, thank you!


On 4月 20 2022, at 7:39 早上, "gaoliming" <gaoliming@...> wrote:
For Q2, if key word is defined in public spec, they can be handled as the exception.  You can see MdePkg\ EccCheck section that has ExceptionList and IgnoreFiles.




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Q1 - There should be more details in the actual log file, but your code has formatting errors.   In the last few months, the uncrusitfy tool has been introduced to get common formatting errors fixed.   See details here: EDK II Code Formatting · tianocore/ Wiki

Q2 - New code additions require passing ECC.  You will just need to work through the reported errors. 


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