Re: Some questions about Azure CI

Chao Li

Hi Micheal,
Using the way your provided the link, I found the detail log, thanks, but this way is not friendly to newbies, because they don't know how to find the tutorial.:)


On 4月 20 2022, at 7:43 早上, "Michael Kubacki" <mikuback@...> wrote:
The wiki update is here:

I am waiting for permissions to be updated so I can update the actual
wiki page and then I'll send a patch for the plugin change with the link
to that section.


On 4/19/2022 6:15 PM, Michael Kubacki wrote:
> I agree that is ideal but I'm not aware of how to do that at the moment.
> Thanks,
> Michael
> On 4/19/2022 4:52 PM, Michael D Kinney wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Can the build log provide a direct link to the log file artifact if an
>> error is detected?
>> Mike
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>>> Hi Rebecca,
>>> We are trying to keep the results reporting experience consistent with
>>> other plugins and prevent an overwhelming amount of information being
>>> printed to the build log.
>>> In case other errors are present, providing high-level information from
>>> each plugin can help point the user in the right direction to get more
>>> detail.
>>> I completely understand the concern though, so I'm planning to make
>>> another step toward providing more information about how to debug an
>>> issue, when it occurs. That is to put the step-by-step information about
>>> where to find the file diff into the EDK II Code Formatting wiki page
>>> and then if a failure occurs, print a link to that section of the wiki
>>> page. I am hoping this will provide sufficient information to get to the
>>> file diff at the point of failure.
>>> I should be able to send these patches later today.
>>> Regards,
>>> Michael
>>> On 4/19/2022 12:43 PM, Rebecca Cran wrote:
>>>> Since people are going to keep running into this, could we just output
>>>> the file diff to the console? That would avoid having to go hunting for
>>>> the log file.

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