Re: [GSoC 2022] Introducing myself & seeking for project ideas

Nate DeSimone

Hi Theo,


Yup you are totally correct. There are a lot of features and services that exist in a real hardware UEFI firmware that do not exist in OVMF. If you are trying to build some new code to run on real hardware UEFI firmware, then having a feature complete qemu version would be super helpful for testing. Otherwise, as you note you have to hope that one of the boards you currently own has a working MinPlatform port, which may or may not be the case.


Nothing else is required for the proposal, the only thing that would be helpful is spending some time reading the code for OVMF and MinPlatform and EDK II in general. EDK II is rather unique compared to most software frameworks these days and having some knowledge of its codebase will help you.


Hope that helps!



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Hello Nate,
Thanks a lot for your answer ! I got myself a copy of "Beyond BIOS" to understand how UEFI works.

The project sound very interesting, so if I understand correctly, OVMF only implements some of the services needed for QEMU support, porting what's present to MinPlatform and then improving it with the required services will result in QemuOpenBoardPkg, is that right? So the goal is to allow MinPlatform testing inside QEMU instead of getting a specific board supported by MinPlatform? 
I'll use the upcoming months to get up to pace with UEFI with the ressources you gave me 😄 
Before starting to write my application I have a few questions, especially on the prerequisites, on the project page the only one listed is C knowledge, is anything else required or recommended ? In case I need to get up to pace with something specific :)

And thanks for welcoming me in the project ! 

Best regards,

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