Re: [PATCH v3 0/3] BaseTools: fix gcc workaround

Bob Feng

Hi Gerd,

Your patches are great but I think we can't take them because of the incompatible license.
I think the new Toolchain definition, like GCC12, can not resolve this issue because Toolchain is not used for building BaseTools.
So I'd prefer the second option of using 'gcc -dumpversion'.

And also we have the task to convert the tools implemented by C to python implementation. After we have done that, there will be no BaseTools build issue.

@Gao, Liming @Chen, Christine
Could you review the corresponding patch?


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On Mon, Apr 04, 2022 at 04:18:56PM +0100, Pedro Falcato wrote:
Hi Gerd,

These patches are a great idea but I don't know if we can take GPLv2
code like that. Are they even mergeable into the main edk2 repo (as
it's not compatible with BSD-2-clause)?
It's build system, doesn't end up being linked into firmware code, so not sure license compatibility is actually a problem here.

In any case I strongly prefer to fix that in some automatic way which does *not* require a new GCC12 tool chain definition.

So, any comments how to move forward with this?
Can we take the series as-is?
If not, other suggestions?
Second-best idea I've seen on the list is using 'gcc -dumpversion'.

Is it an option to just raise the minimum required gcc version to something newer? gcc5 was released almost 7 years ago ...

take care,

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