Re: [PATCH v2] OvmfPkg/BhyveBhfPkg: add support for QemuFwCfg

Mario Marietto <marietto2008@...>

im trying to test the patch on my pc,that has two graphic cards,the intel coffee lake and the nvidia. i tried to start the pc from the nvidia card and ive configured the xorg.conf file giving the proper bus id value. in addition ive loaded the kernel.ko file from the boot loader.conf i have removed the intel and the drm drivers used by the Intel graphic card. unfortunately my pc wont boot from the nvidia card. my mouse and keyboard freezes just before the desktop manager (xfce and kde5) starts.

Il gio 7 apr 2022, 18:46 Rebecca Cran <rebecca@...> ha scritto:
I've just looked at the patch and it looks good, though I haven't tested it.

So yes, please add:

Acked-by: Rebecca Cran <rebecca@...>

On 4/6/22 23:24, Corvin Köhne wrote:
> Hi Peter and Rebecca,
> thanks for your feedback. This patch is backward compatible. It checks
> if QemuFwCfg is available and if QemuFwCfg is missing it falls
> back to BhyveFwCtl.
> So, should I add Reviewed-by (or Acked-by?) Peter and Rebecca to the
> commit message?
> Thanks
> Corvin
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