Re: GSoC2022-Add Rust Support to EDK II.

Nate DeSimone

Hi Wenyu,


Great to meet you and welcome to the TianoCore project! Great to hear you are interested! Apologize for the tardiness in my response. Implementing Rust support sounds like a wonderful project and one that would really help advance the state of the art for UEFI firmware development! I am looking for someone with Rust experience that can help mentor this project. My usage of Rust at time of writing has not advanced very far beyond "Hello World." While I can give a great deal of knowledge and background on UEFI and EDK II, my ability to recommend how that be applied to a Rust binding is limited. However, I do know enough to suspect the vast majority of the work will be figuring out how to integrate the vast array of libraries that EDK II provides into a coherent and clean Rust binding. The one aspect of this project that I think will be interesting is figuring out is what to do about std:: in Rust. From what I have seen of the functionality there more or less assumes the existence of a libc implementation for the platform, which is not necessarily true for DXE and is absolutely not true for PEI. I would be interested in hearing your thought on how to handle that elegantly.


Hope this helps and welcome to the project!


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I'm Wenyu Huang, pursueing the MPhil degree in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. My research is focusing on the operating system and virtualization and I am familiar with using Rust. So I am so interested in Add Rust Support to EDK II. Could you guide me how to go through researching about the project? Thank you.

Best regards,

Wenyu Huang

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