Re: [GSoC 2022] Introducing myself & seeking for project ideas

Pedro Falcato


Sorry for leaving you on read!

CC'ing Nate as he knows a lot more about MinPlatform than I do!

Meanwhile, you can also take a look at the MinPlatform spec:
Since you're new to UEFI, you may also want to take a brief look (don't read it front-to-back, that's almost useless) at the UEFI spec:


On Sat, Apr 2, 2022 at 1:01 PM Théo Jehl <theojehl76@...> wrote:
Hi Pedro,
Thanks a lot for your answer!

My bad then :') After taking a look at the tasks proposal lists I'm interested in the MinPlatform port to QEMU [1], of course, I'm open to other projects ideas that are not on the list. 

To talk about myself a little more, I have a bachelor's in computer science and it's my first year as a Master's student, and I took the embedded systems programming branch to learn more about operating systems, booting, and how systems work in general :) I'm only starting in the field but I have a lot of fun making the software interact with the hardware, and understanding how computers work under the hood.

And you are right, larger projects are way better to learn :) 

Best regards,


Pedro Falcato

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