Re: [PATCH] UefiPayloadPkg: Change some configuration of the payload

Yuanhao Xie

Hi Ray,

The reason why we use PeiDxeDebugLibReportStatusCode instead of BaseDebugLibSerialPort is that
Base Debug library is based on Serial Port library, and it can only send debug messages to serial port device, while SerialPort supports to print debug msg in other places.


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Subject: RE: [PATCH] UefiPayloadPkg: Change some configuration of the payload

- DebugLib|MdePkg/Library/BaseDebugLibSerialPort/BaseDebugLibSerialPort.inf
+ DebugLib|MdeModulePkg/Library/PeiDxeDebugLibReportStatusCode/PeiDxeDebugLibReportStatusCode.inf
If DxeCore uses the ReportStatusCode instance, some debug messages may disappear comparing to the case using SerialPort instance.
Because the ReportStatusCode driver runs a bit later. Is it for saving the payload binary size?

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