Re: [PATCH] Fix Setup numeric default value incorrect issue

Chen Lin Z

Hi All,

Any comments about patch ?


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From: Chen, Lin Z <lin.z.chen@...>
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2022 9:27 PM
To: Wang, Jian J <>; Gao, Liming <gaoliming@...>; Bi, Dandan <>; Dong, Eric <eric.dong@...>;
Cc: Li, Zhuangzhi <>; Zhang, Di <di.zhang@...>; Chen, Lin Z <lin.z.chen@...>
Subject: [PATCH] Fix Setup numeric default value incorrect issue

When default/manufacturing flag get removed from numeric varid, it can't get default value from StructurePcd in 'UpdateDefaultSettingInFormPackage'
function since there is no EFI_IFR_DEFAULT_OP opcode in IFR file. Add a chance to get numeric default value from StructurePcd in the case that numeric minimum value will be used as default value.

Signed-off-by: Chen Lin Z <lin.z.chen@...>
Signed-off-by: Dandan Bi <>
.../Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/ConfigRouting.c | 14 +++++++++++
.../Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/HiiDatabase.h | 23 +++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 37 insertions(+)

diff --git a/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/ConfigRouting.c b/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/ConfigRouting.c
index 2f792d2965..8bfa0f4bf1 100644
--- a/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/ConfigRouting.c
+++ b/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/ConfigRouting.c
@@ -2171,6 +2171,7 @@ ParseIfrData (
UINTN PackageOffset; EFI_IFR_VARSTORE *IfrVarStore; EFI_IFR_VARSTORE_EFI *IfrEfiVarStore;+ EFI_IFR_VARSTORE_EFI *IfrEfiVarStoreTmp; EFI_IFR_OP_HEADER *IfrOpHdr; EFI_IFR_ONE_OF *IfrOneOf; EFI_IFR_REF4 *IfrRef;@@ -2187,6 +2188,7 @@ ParseIfrData (
IFR_BLOCK_DATA *BlockData; CHAR16 *VarStoreName; UINTN NameSize;+ UINTN NvDefaultStoreSize; UINT16 VarWidth; UINT16 VarDefaultId; BOOLEAN FirstOneOfOption;@@ -2303,6 +2305,14 @@ ParseIfrData (
} AsciiStrToUnicodeStrS ((CHAR8 *)IfrEfiVarStore->Name, VarStoreName, NameSize);+ IfrEfiVarStoreTmp = AllocatePool (IfrEfiVarStore->Header.Length + AsciiStrSize ((CHAR8 *)IfrEfiVarStore->Name));+ if (IfrEfiVarStoreTmp == NULL) {+ Status = EFI_OUT_OF_RESOURCES;+ goto Done;+ }++ CopyMem (IfrEfiVarStoreTmp, IfrEfiVarStore, IfrEfiVarStore->Header.Length);+ AsciiStrToUnicodeStrS ((CHAR8 *)IfrEfiVarStore->Name, (CHAR16 *)&(IfrEfiVarStoreTmp->Name[0]), AsciiStrSize ((CHAR8 *)IfrEfiVarStore->Name) * sizeof (CHAR16)); if (IsThisVarstore (&IfrEfiVarStore->Guid, VarStoreName, ConfigHdr)) { //@@ -2502,9 +2512,13 @@ ParseIfrData (
// // Set default value base on the DefaultId list get from IFR data. //+ NvDefaultStoreSize = PcdGetSize (PcdNvStoreDefaultValueBuffer); for (LinkData = DefaultIdArray->Entry.ForwardLink; LinkData != &DefaultIdArray->Entry; LinkData = LinkData->ForwardLink) { DefaultDataPtr = BASE_CR (LinkData, IFR_DEFAULT_DATA, Entry); DefaultData.DefaultId = DefaultDataPtr->DefaultId;+ if (NvDefaultStoreSize > sizeof (PCD_NV_STORE_DEFAULT_BUFFER_HEADER)) {+ FindQuestionDefaultSetting (DefaultData.DefaultId, IfrEfiVarStoreTmp, &(IfrOneOf->Question), &DefaultData.Value, VarWidth, QuestionReferBitField);+ } InsertDefaultValue (BlockData, &DefaultData); } }diff --git a/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/HiiDatabase.h b/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/HiiDatabase.h
index c4ca6ad6ee..421c293cfc 100644
--- a/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/HiiDatabase.h
+++ b/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/HiiDatabase.h
@@ -2308,6 +2308,29 @@ HiiGetConfigRespInfo (
IN CONST EFI_HII_DATABASE_PROTOCOL *This ); +/**+ Find question default value from PcdNvStoreDefaultValueBuffer++ @param DefaultId Default store ID+ @param EfiVarStore Point to EFI VarStore header+ @param IfrQuestionHdr Point to Question header+ @param ValueBuffer Point to Buffer includes the found default setting+ @param Width Width of the default value+ @param BitFieldQuestion Whether the Question is stored in Bit field.++ @retval EFI_SUCCESS Question default value is found.+ @retval EFI_NOT_FOUND Question default value is not found.+**/+EFI_STATUS+FindQuestionDefaultSetting (+ IN UINT16 DefaultId,+ IN EFI_IFR_VARSTORE_EFI *EfiVarStore,+ IN EFI_IFR_QUESTION_HEADER *IfrQuestionHdr,+ OUT VOID *ValueBuffer,+ IN UINTN Width,+ IN BOOLEAN BitFieldQuestion+ );+ // // Global variables //--

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