Re: [PATCH V10 14/47] UefiCpuPkg: Enable Tdx support in MpInitLib

Min Xu

On March 28, 2022 9:20 AM, Ni Ray wrote:
All look good! 3 minor comments:
1. DxeMpLib.c may not need to include MpIntelTdx.h 2. You may use "ASSERT
(!ExcludeBsp)" in below code. Otherwise, it may confuse reader that when
ExcludeBsp is TRUE, SUCCESS is returned when ProcessorCount is 1 which is not

if (CC_GUEST_IS_TDX (PcdGet64 (PcdConfidentialComputingGuestAttr))) {
if (!ExcludeBsp) {
// Start BSP.
Procedure (ProcedureArgument);


3. TdxMpInitLibGetProcessorInfo may not need to call
GetProcessorLocationByApicId. You can directly set Package/Core/Thread to 0.
Thanks Ray for the comments. They'll be updated in the next version.


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