Re: Question about UEFI, AddressSanitizer and MMU mappings

Vitaly Cheptsov


I have some experience porting LLVM Sanitizers and am very interested in this project coming live to UEFI as well. I had success with both entirely static shadow memory allocation and dynamic on-demand allocation. For ASan in the UEFI my personal idea would be trying to avoid page-fault allocation of the shadow memory, but rather adapting the allocators to not only allocate the "origin" memory but also "shadow memory" with a known shift and base (which are configurable now).

The parts that seem difficult to me are concurrency and trying to make ASan work in whitelist mode (i.e. forbidding all accesses that are not greenlighted), but otherwise it should be rather straight-forward if we do not include fake stack in the task and focus on DXE at first. All in all, I can be a co-mentor in this task and am ready to help as needed.

Best wishes,

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