Re: [PATCH v2 3/8] ArmPkg: Add Arm Firmware TRNG library


On 11/25/21 16:23, Sami Mujawar via wrote:
Hi Leif,
Thank you for the feedback.
Please find my response inline marked [SAMI].
Sami Mujawar
On 24/11/2021 01:01 PM, Leif Lindholm wrote:
Hi Sami,

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 11:32:55 +0000, Sami Mujawar wrote:
Bugzilla: 3668 (

The Arm True Random Number Generator Firmware, Interface 1.0,
Platform Design Document
defines an interface between an Operating System (OS) executing
at EL1 and Firmware (FW) exposing a conditioned entropy source
that is provided by a TRNG back end.

The conditioned entropy, that is provided by the TRNG FW interface,
is commonly used to seed deterministic random number generators.

This patch adds a TrngLib library that implements the Arm TRNG
firmware interface.

Signed-off-by: Sami Mujawar <sami.mujawar@...>

- MdePkg\Include\Library\TrngLib.h is base type [LIMING]
library. It can use RETURN_STATUS instead of
- MdePkg\Include\Library\TrngLib.h API parameter [LIMING]
doesn't require CONST. CONST means the value
specified by the input pointer will not be
changed in API implementation.
- Removed the use of constant pointers in the [SAMI]

ArmPkg/ArmPkg.dsc | 1 +
ArmPkg/Library/ArmFwTrngLib/ArmFwTrngDefs.h | 64 +++
ArmPkg/Library/ArmFwTrngLib/ArmFwTrngLib.c | 483 ++++++++++++++++++++
ArmPkg/Library/ArmFwTrngLib/ArmFwTrngLib.inf | 34 ++
4 files changed, 582 insertions(+)

+/** Invoke the monitor call using the appropriate conduit.
+ If PcdMonitorConduitHvc is TRUE use the HVC conduit else use SMC conduit.
+ @param [in, out] Args Arguments passed to and returned from the monitor.
+ @return VOID
+ArmCallMonitor (
+ )
+ if (FeaturePcdGet (PcdMonitorConduitHvc)) {
+ ArmCallHvc ((ARM_HVC_ARGS*)Args);
+ } else {
+ ArmCallSmc ((ARM_SMC_ARGS*)Args);
+ }
Should this be in (a potentially renamed) ArmSmcLib?
[SAMI] Looking at ArmSmcLib and ArmHvcLib libraries there is not much
difference in the code other than the SMC/HVC call. Please let me know
if I should submit a patch to unify these in ArmMonitorLib?
The ArmCall<Smc|Hvc> APIs would still remain the same but moved to
Hello Leif,
About your comment, I am not sure I understand it correctly. Assuming the
function allowing to choose the conduit looks like:

ArmConduitCall (UINT8 Conduit) {
if (Conduit == 0) {
ArmCallHvc ((ARM_HVC_ARGS*)Args);
} else if (Conduit == 1) {
ArmCallSmc ((ARM_SMC_ARGS*)Args);
} else {

Do you suggest to:
1. Make ArmSmcLib dependent on ArmHvcLib and add ArmConduitCall()
in ArmSmcLib (or do the opposite with the ArmHvcLib)
2. Merge ArmSmcLib and ArmHvcLib in a new ArmConduitLibrary and add
ArmConduitCall() in this new library.
3. Add an ArmConduitLibrary, relying on ArmSmcLib and ArmHvcLib, and having
only one function: ArmConduitCall()

2. would make the Hvc and Smc calls really tied together.
3. would avoid creating new dependencies on existing libraries (i.e. a
platform only using the ArmSmcLib would not require to have a NULL instance of
ArmHvcLib). I assume you meant 3.


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