Re: Debugging scripts: "Add support for gdb and lldb"

Andrew Fish


That would be awesome. I’m happy to help, and answer questions.

I’ve been kind of swamped in my day job lately so this would really help.


Andrew Fish

On Mar 15, 2022, at 8:48 PM, Rebecca Cran <quic_rcran@...> wrote:

Given the lack of progress on this for many months, I was wondering if I should perhaps take this over and work on the changes needed to get this functionality committed?

Rebecca Cran

On 2/10/22 12:13, Rebecca Cran wrote:
Andrew: We discussed your patch from August last year in today's Community Meeting.

The patch is, but it sounds as though there needs to be a v2 to move the files into BaseTools/Scripts based on recent discussions.

Mike: it looks like there weren't actually any reviews on it, so it'll need to wait until after the freeze.

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