Re: [PATCH 0/3] CloudHv: Rely on PVH boot specification

Yao, Jiewen

HI Sebastien
Here is some feedback.

1) Since this seems a new feature, would you please file a Bugzilla ?

2) Please also include this new feature in release plan - ?

3) A clarification question: Do you want to *only* support PVH boot in CloudHv, or PVH is one option and you still support old way?

4) Please clarify if that impacts the support for TDVF.

Thank you
Yao, Jiewen

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Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 11:53 PM
Cc: Yao, Jiewen <jiewen.yao@...>; Justen, Jordan L
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Subject: [PATCH 0/3] CloudHv: Rely on PVH boot specification

From: Sebastien Boeuf <sebastien.boeuf@...>

Cloud Hypervisor aims at emulating the minimal amount of legacy devices
and this is why the PVH boot specification is supported. The point is to
be able to share some information with the guest without the need for
emulating devices that would be present on real hardware.

Since Cloud Hypervisor supports loading a PVH ELF binary, the CloudHv
target is updated to be generated as such. Relying on the PVH boot
specification, we don't need to hardcode the location of the ACPI tables
anymore since we can retrieve the RSDP address from the hvm_start_info
structure. Same thing for the RAM below 4G, we can find this information
through the PVH memmap entries rather than relying on the emulated CMOS.

Signed-off-by: Sebastien Boeuf <sebastien.boeuf@...>

Sebastien Boeuf (3):
OvmfPkg: Generate CloudHv as a PVH ELF binary
OvmfPkg: CloudHv: Retrieve RSDP address from PVH
OvmfPkg: CloudHv: Rely on PVH memmap instead of CMOS

OvmfPkg/AcpiPlatformDxe/AcpiPlatformDxe.inf | 2 +
OvmfPkg/AcpiPlatformDxe/CloudHvAcpi.c | 39 +++--
OvmfPkg/CloudHv/CloudHvElfHeaderGenerator.c | 150
OvmfPkg/CloudHv/CloudHvX64.dsc | 2 +-
OvmfPkg/CloudHv/CloudHvX64.fdf | 95 ++++++++++++-
OvmfPkg/Include/IndustryStandard/CloudHv.h | 5 -
OvmfPkg/PlatformPei/MemDetect.c | 73 ++++++++++
OvmfPkg/PlatformPei/PlatformPei.inf | 2 +
8 files changed, 348 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 OvmfPkg/CloudHv/CloudHvElfHeaderGenerator.c


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