CdePkgBlog 2022-01-16 -- Introduction of the ACPICA port to UEFI

Kilian Kegel

Hi Andrew, hi Jordan, hi Maciej, hi all,


this task was suggested by @ajfish and @jljusten at tianocore /


All in all it could be solved within a really small amount of time, with a small amount of changes and extensions  some months ago



My concept here was to choose the existing Microsoft VisualStudio package and

adjust it to run in the UEFI environment, by reimplementing missing Win32-API functions (amount of 8).

This could be done using the Microsoft-C-Library compatible toro-C-Library


Maybe that concept is also useable for porting “openSSH” to UEFI Shell:


@Maciej Rabeda

The toro-C-Library source code is included in the project.

You can check what is inside, how it works internally and how I do believe a

C-Library for UEFI Shell/SMM/DXE/PEI should be constructed that guarantees

compatibility/portability+testability for POST drivers and UEFI/Windows Shell applications by design.


The “toro-C-Library” build engine is VisualStudio/msbuild.exe only. It takes 20 Seconds to get it done.

The older “torito-C-Library” build engine is EDK2Build. It takes 120 seconds to get it done, for the same result,

on the same build machine.


If you want to build the samples, please get the entire CdePkg from edk2-staging that also includes the blog,


If you just want to read the new blog:


Enjoy the breathtaking speed and elegance of VisualStudio


Have fun,




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