Re: [PATCH 08/10] OvmfPkg: Update Sec to support Tdvf Config-B

Min Xu

On January 14, 2022 4:32 PM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
I don't see that PEI-less boot is required for that. Sure, when
stripping down the build and removing all the features which require
PEIMs there isn't much left to do for the PEI phase. So it makes
sense to look into dropping PEI altogether. But it's more a "nice to have"
than a hard requirement, no?
No. I have to say PEI-less boot in Config-B is a hard requirement.
I'm still wondering why though. I have not yet seen a reason why config-b
can't use the PEI-based boot flow.
Hi, Gerd, I think Jiewen has discussed this (PEI-less boot in Config-B) in another mail thread. We can continue the discussion there. Let's first focus on the PlatformInitLib here. Thanks for your understanding.

4. But a basic version of PlatformInitLib is a good start.
Yes. Having initially only the functions needed by config-b in
PlatformInitLib is perfectly fine, but this should be a code *move* not a

During the development and community review, we can understand
better what functions should be wrapped into PlatformInitLib.
After that PlatformInitLib can be evolved for OvmfPkg/PlatformPei,
Bhyve/PlatformPei, XenPlatformPei.
Yes, most likely there are a number of opportunities to reduce code
duplication in the three PlatformPei variants we have by moving code
to the
(shared) PlatformInitLib.

That can be looked at later.
So let me summarize the discussion about PlatformInitLib.
1. PlatformInitLib wraps the common functions in OvmfPkg/PlatformPei.
These common functions covers the memory detection via fw_cfg, pci
init, cmos, (MemDetect.c/Platform.c/Cmos.c).
Yes. Everything needed for PEI-less / config-b boot moves to PlatformInitLib.

PlatformInitLib is added as dependency to OvmfPkg/PlatformPei, so
PlatformPei can call those functions when booting with PEI.

PEI-less boot will add PlatformInitLib to SEC (and DXE) instead so the same
code can be used then.

Not sure how to handle cmos best. Not needed for memory detection on
qemu, but cloudhw depends on it so it is back for now. Will cloudhw support
tdx too btw?
Yes, Cloudhw support TDX too. Actually we have some PoC and plan to upstream it later.
BTW, cmos is needed in GetSystemMemorySizeBelow4gb which call CmosRead for 0x34/0x35.

And PlatformInitLib will
not handle the S3/SMM variants.
At least not initially. Maybe later when we move more code to the lib to
reduce code duplication in xen/bhyve/qemu PlatformPei variants.

2. OvmfPkg/PlatformPei will be refactored with PlatformInitLib. The
functions not needed by config-b stay in PlatformPei.
3. Config-B support PEI-less boot for both legacy guest and td guest.

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