Re: Creating new target for Cloud Hypervisor

Boeuf, Sebastien

On Mon, 2022-01-10 at 11:45 +0100, kraxel@... wrote:
On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 09:13:44AM +0000, Boeuf, Sebastien wrote:
Hi all,

So far I've been able to patch the OvmfPkgX64 target to make it
work for both
QEMU and Cloud Hypervisor, but as I try to enable more features
(EFI shell for
instance) the gap is getting bigger and harder to keep them working

That's why I'm thinking about creating an OvmfCh target that would
be a simple
copy of OvmfX64 at first, and then we could keep improving from
there. There are
multiple things that are not needed by Cloud Hypervisor, which
might help reduce
the complexity of the firmware, eventually leading to faster boot.

I'd like some confirmation from the community that it's okay to go
down this road
before I proceed and send the patches.
Well, depends.  A separate target is extra maintainance effort.  But
having to write code for runtime-switching where compile-time
would work without additional code is extra maintainance effort too

For microvm pci support (not yet merged) tipped things towards a
separate target.  pcie in microvm works completely different when
compared to pc/q35.  Using mmconfig for pci config space access is
mandatory, port 0xcf8 is not supported.  So fitting that with a
switch into OvmfPkg/Library/DxePciLibI440FxQ35 (and probably some
places) would have been quite messy, with a separate target is is

Quite a few places use a runtime switch nevertheless to avoid code
duplication.  PlatformPei for example is identical for both
and MicrovmX86 targets, with case: branches for microvm in switch

So, what problem you are facing which makes you think a separate
would work better?  The timer thing should be a non-issue as we plan
switch over OvmfPkgX64 to use apic timer anyway.
Well I have a problem regarding SerialDxe because it breaks a bit QEMU
since adding it without removing the PciSerial registers two ways of
reading from serial. From microvm, you simply removed PciSerial since
you know it doesn't support LPC bridge, but I can't do the same here.
Can you think of any other way of properly handling this with a runtime

But more generally, things like the 8259 PIC, or PS2 keyboard are not
things that we try to support in Cloud Hypervisor, as well as Q35
specific bits being present in the target, meaning there's room for

take care,
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