Re: Guidance about CI

Gerd Hoffmann

On Thu, Jan 06, 2022 at 02:21:59PM +0000, Boeuf, Sebastien wrote:
On Wed, 2022-01-05 at 17:55 +0100, kraxel@... wrote:
On Wed, Jan 05, 2022 at 01:44:01PM +0000, Boeuf, Sebastien wrote:
Ah nevermind I found out QEMU was installed from packaging.
On ubuntu.

We don't have packages for Cloud Hypervisor, but we can download
a static binary from a specific release, do you think that would be
As far I know the same happens for qemu on windows,
so that should be fine.

BTW, about microvm, I saw that you're skipping QEMU, so does that mean
you're not *really* testing that OVMF works with microvm, or am I
missing something?
Correct, not tested right now. The code needs some improvements, it's
not flexible enough, havn't found the time to do that yet. Also have
to check whenever the qemu version shipped by ubuntu is new enough to
actually have microvm support ...

take care,

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