Re: EFI shell with microvm

Gerd Hoffmann


microvm has no lpc bridge, so I had to do it in a different way ...
Cloud Hypervisor doesn't emulate any LPC bridge or ISA bus.
Ok, doing it microvm-style makes sense then.

Works fine for me.

qemu-system-x86_64 -nographic -machine microvm,rtc=on -bios
Thanks for the confirmation, something might be wrong with the
interrupt used for my serial device.
tianocore doesn't use interrupts (other than timer).

Cloud Hypervisor only has an IOAPIC, it doesn't rely on any PIC, which
is why I'm not sure what might be missing to get the EFI shell to
receive the interrupts.
PIC is optional for microvm too, and everything works fine for me with
"-machine microvm,rtc=on,pic=off,pit=off"

take care,

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