Re: [PATCH 05/10] OvmfPkg: Add SecPlatformLibQemuTdx

Min Xu


+#define FW_CFG_NX_STACK_ITEM "opt/ovmf/PcdSetNxForStack"
Why this is needed?

+// Values we program into the PM base address registers //
+#define PIIX4_PMBA_VALUE 0xB000
+#define ICH9_PMBASE_VALUE 0x0600
They are in OvmfPkg/Include/OvmfPlatforms.h, no need to copy them over.

+PciExBarInitialization (
+MiscInitialization (
Cut+Paste from PlatformPei

Please refactor the code (move the functions needed to a Library?) so we
don't have multiple copies of the setup code.
As we're discussing the PlatformInitLib (which wraps the functions in PlatformPei), SecPlatformLibQemuTdx is deprecated.


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