Re: one possible issue with ovmf fvb

Andrew Fish

On Nov 25, 2021, at 4:43 AM, maobibo <maobibo@...> wrote:

Hi Gerd,

I am porting Loongarch Qemu uefi bios, and I want to use reuse ovmf code. And I encounter one problem
when using OvmfPkg/EmuVariableFvbRuntimeDxe/Fvb.c

here is piece of code:
Initialize = TRUE;
if (PcdGet64 (PcdEmuVariableNvStoreReserved) != 0) {
Ptr = (VOID*)(UINTN) PcdGet64 (PcdEmuVariableNvStoreReserved);
"EMU Variable FVB: Using pre-reserved block at %p\n",
Status = ValidateFvHeader (Ptr);
if (!EFI_ERROR (Status)) {
DEBUG ((DEBUG_INFO, "EMU Variable FVB: Found valid pre-existing FV\n"));
Initialize = FALSE;
} else {
Ptr = AllocateRuntimePages (EFI_SIZE_TO_PAGES (EMU_FVB_SIZE));

mEmuVarsFvb.BufferPtr = Ptr;

// Initialize the main FV header and variable store header
if (Initialize) {
InitializeFvAndVariableStoreHeaders (Ptr);
PcdStatus = PcdSet64S (PcdFlashNvStorageVariableBase64, (UINT32)(UINTN) Ptr);

On my tcg vm, Ptr will be 64-bit physical address if memory exceeds 4G, I do not know whether there is similar issue on x64 ovmf.
ditto for the following PcdFlashNvStorageFtwSpareBase/PcdFlashNvStorageFtwWorkingBase

Can uefi bios manage memory beyond 4G?

You are finding implementation bugs. Please file Bugzillas when you see these bugs.

For X64 (x86-64) the reset vector is 0xFFFFFFF0 (just below 4 GiB) so the ROM (usually a NOR FLASH) is always located under 4 GiB. So that is why these bugs have not been noticed on X64. For AArch64, RiscV64, or loongarch this limitation does not exist and we should fix the code.

On real X64 hardware you can’t be in 64-bit mode without pageables, and you can’t put pageables in the ROM. Thus PEI ends up being IA32 (i386) and this usually means the DXE Core gets loaded < 4 GiB, and the initial memory map for DXE is memory < 4 GiB. This pattern could also hide some bugs of memory > 4 GiB,, but these are more likely to have been found in the AArch64 port. But if you hit something it is likely due to this.


Andrew Fish

bibo, mao

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