Re: [PATCH 1/2] Reconfigure OpensslLib to add elliptic curve chipher algorithms

Vineel Kovvuri

Hi Folks,


We are able to resolve the __ModuleEntryPoint error and was able to run below build configurations locally.

  • Windows_VS2019 - Passed
    • EmulatorPkg_Win_VS2019 - Passed
    • OvmfPkg_Win_VS2019 - Passed
  • Ubuntu_GCC5 - Passed
    • ArmVirtPkg_Ubuntu_GCC5 - Passed
    • EmulatorPkg_Ubuntu_GCC5 - Passed
    • OvmfPkg_Ubuntu_GCC5 – Failed
      • INFO - GenFv: ERROR 3000: Invalid
      • INFO -   the required fv image size 0xcb2ac0 exceeds the set fv image size 0xc00000

Is it okay to increase the fv image size if so need some guidance with respected to that as it may effect other projects like QEMU etc. Any inputs here are much appreciated


For Reference:


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