Re: [PATCH V3 13/29] MdePkg: Add macro to check SEV/TDX guest

Gerd Hoffmann

On Mon, Nov 01, 2021 at 09:16:02PM +0800, Min Xu wrote:

Add macros CC_GUEST_IS_TDX/CC_GUEST_IS_SEV to check SEV/TDX guest.

Cc: Michael Roth <>
Cc: Ray Ni <>
Cc: Rahul Kumar <>
Cc: Eric Dong <>
Cc: James Bottomley <>
Cc: Min Xu <>
Cc: Jiewen Yao <>
Cc: Tom Lendacky <>
Cc: Jordan Justen <>
Cc: Ard Biesheuvel <>
Cc: Erdem Aktas <>
Cc: Gerd Hoffmann <>
Signed-off-by: Min Xu <min.m.xu@intel>
Acked-by: Gerd Hoffmann <>

take care,

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