[edk2-libc Patch v2 2/4] AppPkg/Applications/Python: to remove document references to py2.7.2

Jayaprakash, N

REF: https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3589

This commit is to remove references to the py 2.7.2 UEFI port
in all documents from edk2-libc repo. This python interpreter
is no more supported on UEFI shell due to availability of
py 3.6.8 on UEFI.

Cc: Rebecca Cran <rebecca@...>
Cc: Michael D Kinney <michael.d.kinney@...>
Signed-off-by: Jayaprakash N <n.jayaprakash@...>
AppPkg/Applications/Python/PythonReadMe.txt | 237 --------------------
AppPkg/ReadMe.txt | 22 +-
Readme.md | 3 +-
3 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 251 deletions(-)
delete mode 100644 AppPkg/Applications/Python/PythonReadMe.txt

diff --git a/AppPkg/Applications/Python/PythonReadMe.txt b/AppPkg/Applications/Python/PythonReadMe.txt
deleted file mode 100644
index c8cd503..0000000
--- a/AppPkg/Applications/Python/PythonReadMe.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,237 +0,0 @@
- EDK II Python
- ReadMe
- Version 2.7.2
- Release 1.02
- 18 Jan. 2013
-This document is devoted to general information on building and setup of the
-Python environment for UEFI 2.3, the invocation of the interpreter, and things
-that make working with Python easier.
-It is assumed that you already have either UDK2010 or a current snapshot of
-the EDK II sources from www.tianocore.org, and that you can successfully build
-packages within that distribution.
-2. Release Notes
- 1) All C extension modules must be statically linked (built in)
- 2) The site and os modules must exist as discrete files in ...\lib\python.27
- 3) User-specific configurations are not supported.
- 4) Environment variables are not supported.
-3. Getting and Building Python
- 3.1 Getting Python
- ==================
- For development ease, a subset of the Python 2.7.2 distribution has been
- included in the AppPkg source tree. If a full distribution is desired, the
- Python-2.7.2 directory can be removed or renamed and the full source code
- downloaded from http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.2/.
- A. Within your EDK II development tree, extract the Python distribution into
- AppPkg/Applications/Python. This should create the
- AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.2 directory.
- B. Copy the files from PyMod-2.7.2 into the corresponding directories within
- the Python-2.7.2 tree. This will overwrite existing files with files
- modified for UEFI usage.
- 3.2 Building Python
- ===================
- A. Edit Efi/config.c to enable the built-in modules you need.
- Mandatory Built-in Modules:
- edk2 errno imp marshal
- Additional built-in modules which are required to use the help()
- functionality provided by PyDoc, are:
- _codecs _collections _functools _random
- _sre _struct _weakref binascii
- cStringIO gc itertools math
- operator time
- B. Edit AppPkg/AppPkg.dsc to enable (uncomment) the PythonCore.inf line
- within the [Components] section.
- C. Build AppPkg, which includes Python, using the standard "build" command:
- For example, to build Python for an X64 CPU architecture:
- build -a X64 -p AppPkg\AppPkg.dsc
-4. Python-related paths and files
-Python depends upon the existence of several directories and files on the
-target system.
- \EFI Root of the UEFI system area.
- |- \Tools Location of the Python.efi executable.
- |- \Boot UEFI specified Boot directory.
- |- \StdLib Root of the Standard Libraries sub-tree.
- |- \etc Configuration files used by libraries.
- |- \tmp Temporary files created by tmpfile(), etc.
- |- \lib Root of the libraries tree.
- |- \python.27 Directory containing the Python library
- | modules.
- |- \lib-dynload Dynamically loadable Python extensions.
- |- \site-packages Site-specific packages and modules.
-5. Installing Python
-These directories, on the target system, are populated from the development
-system as follows:
- * \Efi\Tools receives a copy of Build/AppPkg/DEBUG_VS2005/X64/Python.efi.
- ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
- Modify the host path to match the your build type and compiler.
- * The \Efi\StdLib\etc directory is populated from the StdLib/Efi/StdLib/etc
- source directory.
- * Directory \Efi\StdLib\lib\python.27 is populated with packages and modules
- from the AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.2/Lib directory.
- The recommended minimum set of modules (.py, .pyc, and/or .pyo):
- os stat ntpath warnings traceback
- site types copy_reg linecache genericpath
- * Python C Extension Modules built as dynamically loadable extensions go into
- the \Efi\StdLib\lib\python.27\lib-dynload directory. This functionality is
- not yet implemented.
-6. Example: Enabling socket support
- 1. enable {"_socket", init_socket}, in Efi\config.c
- 2. enable Python-2.7.2/Modules/socketmodule.c in PythonCore.inf.
- 3. copy socket.py over to /Efi/StdLib/lib/python.27 on your target system.
- 4. Make sure dependent modules are present(.py) or built in(.c):
- functools, types, os, sys, warnings, cStringIO, StringIO, errno
- 5. build -a X64 -p AppPkg\AppPkg.dsc
- 6. copy Build\AppPkg\DEBUG_VS2005\X64\Python.efi to \Efi\Tools on your
- target system. Replace "DEBUG_VS2005\X64", in the source path, with
- values appropriate for your tool chain and processor architecture.
-7. Running Python
- Python must currently be run from an EFI FAT-32 partition, or volume, under
- the UEFI Shell. At the Shell prompt enter the desired volume name, followed
- by a colon ':', then press Enter. Python can then be executed by typing its
- name, followed by any desired options and arguments.
- 2.0 Shell> fs0:
- 2.0 FS0:\> python
- Python 2.7.2 (default, Oct 13 2015, 16:21:53) [C] on uefi
- Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
- >>> exit()
- 2.0 FS0:\>
- Python, as distributed, sends its interactive prompts to stderr. If
- STDERR isn't enabled in UEFI Setup so that it's output goes to the
- console, it may appear that Python hangs on startup. If this happens,
- one may be able to rectify the condition by typing "exit()" followed
- by <enter> to exit out of Python. Then, type "exit" at the Shell prompt
- which should enter Setup where you can use the Boot Maintenance
- Manager to modify your Console settings.
- Some platforms don't include the Setup utility, or don't allow STDERR to
- be modified. In these cases, Python may be started with the '-#' option
- which will cause stderr to be the same as stdout and should allow
- Python to be used interactively on those platforms.
- Depending upon the version of Shell you are using, it may be necessary
- to escape the '#' character so that the Shell doesn't interpret it as
- the start of a comment. The escape character is '^'.
- Example:
- python -^# -V
-8. Supported C Modules
- Module Name C File(s)
- =============== =============================================
- _ast Python/Python-ast.c
- _bisect Modules/_bisectmodule.c
- _codecs Modules/_codecsmodule.c
- _codecs_cn Modules/cjkcodecs/_codecs_cn.c
- _codecs_hk Modules/cjkcodecs/_codecs_hk.c
- _codecs_iso2022 Modules/cjkcodecs/_codecs_iso2022.c
- _codecs_jp Modules/cjkcodecs/_codecs_jp
- _codecs_kr Modules/cjkcodecs/_codecs_kr
- _codecs_tw Modules/cjkcodecs/_codecs_tw
- _collections Modules/_collectionsmodule.c
- _csv Modules/_csv.c
- _functools Modules/_functoolsmodule.c
- _heapq Modules/_heapqmodule.c
- _io Modules/_io/_iomodule.c Modules/_io/*
- _json Modules/_json.c
- _md5 Modules/md5module.c Modules/md5.c
- _multibytecodec Modules/cjkcodecs/_multibytecodec.c
- _random Modules/_randommodule.c
- _sha Modules/shamodule.c
- _sha256 Modules/sha256module.c
- _sha512 Modules/sha512module.c
- _socket Modules/socketmodule.c
- _sre Modules/_sre.c
- _struct Modules/_struct.c
- _symtable Modules/symtablemodule.c
- _weakref Modules/_weakref.c
- array Modules/arraymodule.c
- binascii Modules/binascii.c
- cmath Modules/cmathmodule.c
- cPickle Modules/cPickle.c
- cStringIO Modules/cStringIO.c
- datetime Modules/datetimemodule.c
- edk2 Modules/Efi/edk2module.c
- errno Modules/errnomodule.c
- future_builtins Modules/future_builtins.c
- gc Modules/gcmodule.c
- imp Python/import.c
- itertools Modules/itertoolsmodule.c
- marshal Python/marshal.c
- math Modules/mathmodule.c Modules/_math.c
- operator Modules/operator.c
- parser Modules/parsermodule.c
- select Modules/selectmodule.c
- signal Modules/signalmodule.c
- strop Modules/stropmodule.c
- time Modules/timemodule.c
- xxsubtype Modules/xxsubtype.c
- zipimport Modules/zipimport.c
- zlib Modules/zlibmodule.c Modules/zlib/*
-9. Tested Python Library Modules
-This is a partial list of the packages and modules of the Python Standard
-Library that have been tested or used in some manner.
- encodings genericpath.py sha.py
- importlib getopt.py SimpleHTTPServer.py
- json hashlib.py site.py
- pydoc_data heapq.py socket.py
- xml HTMLParser.py SocketServer.py
- abc.py inspect.py sre.py
- argparse.py io.py sre_compile.py
- ast.py keyword.py sre_constants.py
- atexit.py linecache.py sre_parse.py
- BaseHTTPServer.py locale.py stat.py
- binhex.py md5.py string.py
- bisect.py modulefinder.py StringIO.py
- calendar.py ntpath.py struct.py
- cmd.py numbers.py textwrap.py
- codecs.py optparse.py token.py
- collections.py os.py tokenize.py
- copy.py platform.py traceback.py
- copy_reg.py posixpath.py types.py
- csv.py pydoc.py warnings.py
- dummy_thread.py random.py weakref.py
- fileinput.py re.py xmllib.py
- formatter.py repr.py zipfile.py
- functools.py runpy.py expat
-# # #
diff --git a/AppPkg/ReadMe.txt b/AppPkg/ReadMe.txt
index cee6493..4a2aee4 100644
--- a/AppPkg/ReadMe.txt
+++ b/AppPkg/ReadMe.txt
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
EDK II Standard Libraries and Applications
- Version 1.02
- 21 Dec. 2012
+ Version 1.03
+ 18 Oct. 2021

@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ The EADK is comprised of three packages:
Main This application is functionally identical to Hello, except that
it uses the Standard C Library to provide a main() entry point.

- Python A port of the Python-2.7.2 interpreter for UEFI. Building this
+ Python A port of the Python-3.6.8 interpreter for UEFI. Building this
application is disabled by default.
- See the PythonReadMe.txt file, in the Python directory,
+ See the Py368ReadMe.txt file, in the Python\Python-3.6.8 directory,
for information on configuring and building Python.

Lua A port of the Lua-5.2.3 interpreter for UEFI. This
@@ -169,14 +169,12 @@ There are some boiler-plate declarations and definitions that need to be
included in your application's INF and DSC build files. These are described
in the CONFIGURATION section, below.

-A subset of the Python 2.7.2 distribution is included as part of AppPkg. If desired,
-the full Python 2.7.2 distribution may be downloaded from python.org and used instead.
-Delete or rename the existing Python-2.7.2 directory then extract the downloaded
-Python-2.7.2.tgz file into the AppPkg\Applications\Python directory. This will produce a
-Python-2.7.2 directory containing the full Python distribution. Python files that had to be
-modified for EDK II are in the AppPkg\Applications\Python\PyMod-2.7.2 directory. These
-files need to be copied into the corresponding directories within the extracted Python-2.7.2
-directory before Python can be built.
+A full distribution of the Python 3.6.8 has been included as part of AppPkg. But only
+a subset of the features have been enabled for UEFI use case. Python files that had to be
+modified for EDK II are in the AppPkg\Applications\Python\Python-3.6.8\PyMod-3.6.8 directory.
+These files need to be copied into the corresponding directories within the Python-3.6.8
+directory before Python can be built. This can be achieved by running the srcprep.py available
+under AppPkg\Applications\Python\Python-3.6.8.

diff --git a/Readme.md b/Readme.md
index 0012cd5..f0e9501 100644
--- a/Readme.md
+++ b/Readme.md
@@ -21,8 +21,7 @@ git filter-branch -f --index-filter "git rm --ignore-unmatch --cached -qr -- . &
The majority of the content in the EDK II open source project uses a
[BSD-2-Clause Plus Patent License](License.txt). The EDK II open source project
contains the following components that are covered by additional licenses:
-* [AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.2/Tools/pybench](AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.2/Tools/pybench/LICENSE)
-* [AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.2](AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.2/LICENSE)
* [AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.10](AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-2.7.10/LICENSE)
* [AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-3.6.8](AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-3.6.8/LICENSE)


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