Sunny Wang

Hi Liming, Hao, and all


Now we’re checking the SCT runtime variable service test case. and have a question below.


Is there any use case to call the runtime variable service functions with the Attributes that only has EFI_VARIABLE_NON_VOLATILE set?


We checked UEFI spec, documents, and current EDK2 implementation. There is no specific description or any implementation for this. However, there seems an implication that EFI_VARIABLE_NON_VOLATILE must be set with at least EFI_VARIABLE_BOOTSERVICE_ACCESS.  Actually, it looks like making NO sense to have a variable attribute combination that doesn’t have any XXXXX_ACCESS attribute (BS, RT, or AT) set.


Therefore, we think only having EFI_VARIABLE_NON_VOLATILE set may be an invalid case and would like to add a check into the EDK2 variable driver to return EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER.  What do you guys think?


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