Re: [PATCH V2 06/28] MdePkg: Update BaseIoLibIntrinsicSev to support Tdx

Min Xu

On October 14, 2021 1:38 PM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:

Calling CPUID should not be needed, we have a new fancy
ConfidentialComputing PCD for that now.
The gUefiCpuPkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdConfidentialComputingGuestAttr is
defined in UefiCpuPkg. While BaseIoLibIntrinsicSev is in MdePkg.
If the ConfidentialComputing PCD is used, then UefiCpuPkg has to be included
in BaseIoLibIntrinsicSev.inf.
I check all the *.inf under MdePkg but no one *.inf include UefiCpuPkg.
I am not sure if UefiCpuPkg can be included in BaseIoLibIntrinsicSev.inf.
Hmm, I guess we should move the pcd then so it cam be used more widely.
Confidential computing has an impact beyond just cpu, it's also memory, io and
How about define ConfidentialComputingAttr PCD in MdePkg.dec?

Maybe that's something to cleanup for amd (Brijesh?) beforehand, so
the structure is there already and the tdx patches just need to add the "case
Tdx patches can first use above structure. AMD can update it later. Either way
is ok.

That'll work too, I don't care much about the ordering.
It will be updated in the next version.


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