Re: [PATCH] OvmfPkg/BhyveBhfPkg: install bhyve's ACPI tables

Peter Grehan

´╗┐It's much easier to create configuration dependend ACPI tables for > bhyve than for OVMF. For this reason, don't use the statically>
created ACPI tables provided by OVMF. Instead use the dynamically> created ACPI tables of bhyve. If bhyve provides no ACPI tables or> we are unable to detect those, fall back to OVMF tables.
This looks fine though bhyve will need to generate MCFG to get to full parity.

I've requested in the past that you do this so I'll request again: please discuss these changes on the freebsd-virtualization list before sending patches outside of the project.

Acked-by: Peter Grehan <>



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