Re: Python2.7 is not working with the EDK2 build system

Andrew Fish

Should we move to require a min Python version at some point?

On Oct 5, 2021, at 9:48 AM, Cole <crobinso@...> wrote:

´╗┐On 9/6/21 9:18 PM, gaoliming wrote:

Yes. Python3 is the formal support. We recommend user to use Python3.
But, if user meets the issue in Python2, user can still report the issue
in BaseTools. Its priority may be low. For this case, it is the
regression issue caused by the recent change. The patch owner is also
identified. So, I suggest the patch owner to follow up and enhance his
Sorry for the delayed response, I was on paternity leave since August.

I haven't seen the actual error in this thread. Is there a clear python
error being thrown? Maybe the fix is simple but I can't

But as mentioned elsewhere, python2 has been End of Life since Jan 1
2020, over 1.5 years ago. It's going to become increasingly difficult to
keep code working on python2 and latest python3.

- Cole

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